Combine profit and purpose

Benefits for your restaurant

How it works


Choose Menu Item

Simply select 1 or 2 or more dishes that’d you like to certify as 1FORhunger dishes. It could be appetizers, desserts, or even high-margin menu items.


People find your restaurant

Through our various marketing channels and word of mouth, you are included in our network, where people find out about your restaurant.


Customer orders 1FORhunger menu item

By converting you’re customers from low-margin items to high-margin items, you increase your profits per table.


$1 per meal

$1 is all that’s needed to give a meal to someone in need and this is what the meals provided look like.


Customer gets your promotion after they’ve left your restaurant

Your customers see a picture of the meal donated along with a promotion from your restaurant. You can promote a menu item or an event at your restaurant.

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“This is so simple to do for restaurants”

-Adam, Owner of Rasa

“I wish more Restaurants did this”


“We’re excited for this initiative”

-Matt, TVFB

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