Frequently Asked Questions

For Eaters

Why did you start this?

After realizing that we spend so much on everyday expenses and eating out, we thought it would be amazing if our meals would go towards a social cause, helping feed those are not able to eat. Buy one, give one for hunger.

Why should I purchase a 1FORhunger menu item?

Imagine you are eating out at your favourite restaurant and order your favourite meal….Now imagine that everytime you purchase that meal, someone else who can’t afford to eat will now be able to get a meal as well. It’s all because of you and you didn’t have to pay any extra 🙂

Where does my meal go?

The meal goes to local non-profit organizations that partner with the 1FORhunger program. These include shelters, food banks and schools. These organizations provide food directly to people in need.

How does 1FORhunger feed itself?

We realize how important funds are to any organization. We ensure that every meal purchased goes to provide 1 meal to someone in need. We use 30 cents from each meal, which goes towards raising awareness of hunger issues and ensuring accountability.


Having donated plenty of times before, we understand how important seeing the impact of donations are to everyone involved. As such, we work directly with the local non-profit organizations to ensure the funds are used for the purpose and we report back to you to show the impact you’ve had.

What does a donated meal look like?

Meal served at Eva's

How can I support you guys?

You can start off by eating at 1FORhunger participating restaurants. They are our partners and with all of us together we can solve hunger. And right now, you can also support us by spreading the word about #1FORhunger through social media and talking to your friends about it. Also if you’d like to have any restaurants join our initiative, tell us and them about it.