Making it easy for you to help people in need

Without going out of your way

We help diners help their community.

Our initiative makes it simple for everyone to get involved and improve their community.
We empower people like you to solve hunger in your community easily.

Anytime you buy a 1FORhunger menu item at a participating restaurant, you get a meal and we’ll give a meal to someone in need.

Our leadership

Najeeb Khan

Najeeb Khan


Mashkur Reza

Our Story

After realizing that majority of our expenses on our credit card are for average daily expenses and not enough going towards charitable causes, we thought: “Wouldn’t it be great if every transaction helped someone in need?”
That led us to this journey on a path to change the food industry. We are fortunate to eat everyday and not everyone is able to. By creating a sustainable method to solve food insecurity locally, we can make an impact in the lives of others many times a day.

Who you help

With you, we’re helping raise awareness for hunger and solve food insecurity locally in our neighbourhoods. We realize that the solution exists when we all work together. By bringing together citizens, charities and businesses, we can create a sustainable progress towards reducing food security. We partner with great organizations that do just this.

Our Community

We realize that to solve food insecurity, we all need to work together. That’s why we are dedicated towards our community and showing our progress as we go along. We’d be nowhere without you guys.

Our Values


Our Model

1FORhungerâ„¢ is a social enterprise, a new type of company that uses the power of business for social benefit. We view our social, environmental and business goals as inseparable. By facilitating the interaction between businesses and charities, our aim is to make both of them successful.

For Eaters

People eat at 1FORhunger restaurants because they know by them eating the meals, someone in need in their neighbourhood will also get a meal.



For Restaurants

Restaurants are joining 1FORhunger to solve food insecurity locally in their neighbourhood and to engage their customers after they leave their restaurant.

What our admirers say

This is so simple and easy to do for everyone involved

Adam Minster
Rasa Bar